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These wheels are direct bolt on 100% safe,never lose again! These wheels are made with the most advanced technology today and truest balanced wheel on the market today!

We are the actual designer, copy writer and manufacturer of these wheels. Unlike our competitors inferior wheels. Our wheels are the most accurate reproduction to the original K. H. wheels manufactured today. Our wheels come fully assembled ready to mount with our standard tapered lug nuts and the spinners ready to spin on by hand.



AFC615_63 AFC614_64 AFC614_65 AFC615_66 1963-1966 bolt on knock off wheels. These wheels are not seconds or blems. We are the manufacturer and sell only top quality rims. Call for pricing


America's Finest Corvettes have the only font sway bar link kit available on the market today with the exact head bolt marking, exact shaped cup washers and the correct shaped bushing. These link kit will pass NCRS judging !

  AFC803 1963-1969 front sway bar link kit $28.00 each on sale for $21.00 each
  AFC804 1970-1982 front sway bar link kit $28.00 each on sale for $21.00 each

This part is also referred to as a rear suspension locater. Every component is effected by the wear and position of these donut bushings. Our bushings are made using only the highest grade rubber and are vulcanized around two steel plates exactly as GM did it originally. The other companies products are inferior in that they only use one plate of steel and they use recycled rubber which shows cracks after only one year on your corvette. This bushing is NCRS correct for 1966-1979 but we at America's Finest Corvettes will modify this bushing to be NCRS for your 1963-1965 corvette at no additional cost to our customers.

AFC805 1963-1979 3rd member removable cross member donut bushings $59.00 each on sale $50.00 each

F-40,F-41,ZO7 AND FE7 Rear 7 LEAF SPRING

AFC815 1963-1982 This 7 leaf spring can be used on all F-40,F-41,ZO7,FE7 and gymkhana applications.Our spring will let your corvette sit at the proper height and handling performance like a true sports car for better than the standard corvette suspension. Please look at our suspension page for the complete RPO option.This is the only steel leaf spring on the market that passes rigid NCRS JUDGING in fit,form and function. Our 7 leaf rear spring is the only spring that is made with each individual leaf engineered with its own spring rate which gives our leaf spring combined 315lb rate exactly as GM did it .This is the only spring on the market that has the correct shape, (each leaf is scalloped inward and upward), combined thickness and color exactly as GM originally. $379.00 each on sale for $299.00 each


The "ONLY" G.M. equivalent fiberglass panels available on the market today! Our panels are slipper fit perfect !

Our correct fiberglass louver panels, parking lamp panels and bonding strips are made from CNC cut dies.We took a digital scans of NOS gm panels. Unlike our competitors parts which are made from fiberglass dies, which shrink and warp over time. This is why their parts are inconsistent, and they use gel coat for a surfacing agent. Like GM , AFC is the only company,that ever made panels without gel coat. Time saved installing panels will more than pay for extra cost of our perfect parts. AFC parts show the same consistency through out. Our competitors parts have no consistency what's so ever. Our panels will not blister thru your paint ever.We use a poly vinyl alcohol mold release agent, (not silicone).

If for any reason if you feel our panels don't fit exactly as a GM NOS panels. We will gladly refund 100% of the cost of the panel and pay for shipping both ways.

The view of this picture is to show every edge of our panels are uniform in thickness and have no warping. It also shows it is exact to GM shape and fit.
This picture shows the continuous filament strand. Our panels are made with no gel coat these are the only panels that are made as GM panels.
AFC700LH 1963-1967 Fiberglass Left hand parking lamp panel $350.00 each on sale for $300.00 each
AFC700RH 1963-1967 Fiberglass Right hand parking lamp panel $350.00 each on sale for $300.00 each
AFC701LH 1965-1966 Fiberglass Left hand side louver panel $350.00 each on sale for $300.00 each
AFC701RH 1965-1966Fiberglass Right hand side louver panel $350.00 each on sale for $300.00 each


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